Professional Advisor

Future Needs Funding is focused on helping non-profit organizations consistently provide to its donor base unbiased exposure to the professional advisors supporting the non-profit.  The goal is for this exposure to result in increased action taken by the non-profit organization’s current donor base in the areas of planned and legacy giving. 

 Our research tells us the following: 

 1) Professional advisors don’t support non-profit organizations for the sole purpose of benefitting from future business. 

 2) At the same time, if professional advisors are able to help the donors within the non-profit community evaluate and take action with planned, or legacy gifts, this results in a great result for all involved. 

 3) Non-profit organizations already have great educational content, trained professionals, and third party resources at their disposal, to help communicate the planned and legacy giving message.  The non-profit utilizes some or all of these resources to the extent of their financial ability, size and needs. 

 4) Many donors within the non-profit donor base have their own advisors, and if interested in looking at planned giving options, may consult them. 

 5) Professional advisors are equipped to help a potential donor who may not have an advisor, evaluate giving options unique to their financial and charitable game plan and help the potential donor take action on the gift to the non-profit

 6) Non-profits don’t have an effective means to communicate to their donor base the professional advisors who support their planned and legacy giving efforts, and who are at the disposal of the non profit’s donor base to help interested donors clearly evaluate giving options and take action.  READ MORE