Our Mission and History

Maximizing a NonProfit Organization's Legacy Giving Resources and Opportunities

The mission of Future Needs Funding is to grow a network linking nonprofit organizations and the professional advisors supporting them and to better equip the donors in their community to take action in the area of planned or legacy giving.

We are committed to offering a dynamic network that brings into focus the talents of professional advisors supporting the nonprofit organization, while the nonprofit continues to maximize the benefits of their planned giving staff and resources already in place. 



Future Needs Funding began in 2006 when a professional advisor developed a great way to help nonprofit organizations increase their planned or legacy giving results within their donor base.  Although this idea was well received by all nonprofit organizations to whom it was presented, it was never implemented effectively. Frequently, there were several other highly competent professional advisors supporting the organization who also had great resources and ideas as well.  The non-profit organization ultimately would choose not to endorse any professional advisors within their community so as not to appear to be soliciting certain types of services or products, or favoring one advisor over another.  

The dilemma:  The nonprofit seeks the talents of all professional advisors (estate planning attorneys, life insurance agents, financial advisors, trust officers, bankers) to advise them on how to better cultivate the legacy giving environment. However, many nonprofits do not effectively cultivate what may be the advisor’s greatest ability to help in this area, their ability to work with the potential donor, share their ideas, review their gift options and most importantly, motivate the donor to take action

After listening to numerous members of the nonprofit and professional advisor community recently, Future Needs Funding has solved this problem by creating the leading network in the legacy giving arena.  The Future Needs Funding network enables the nonprofit organization to link up with the professional advisors supporting their community and they are able to provide to their donor base unbiased exposure to the services and abilities of all of the supporting advisors.