Nonprofit Organizations


Future Needs Funding (FNF) is focused on helping nonprofit organizations increase planned and legacy giving from their donor base.  We send out a periodic e-newsletter to all FNF member nonprofit organizations.   This e-newsletter, which is customizable and includes the nonprofit’s name and logo, can be forwarded by email or other social media, to the nonprofit’s donor base. 

The newsletter is very clear and simple in its message.  It communicates simple, real life stories of individuals who have taken action by setting up a planned or legacy gift to the nonprofit and includes a simple explanation of how they accomplished it.  The goal of this story and explanation is to expand the donor base of potential givers by showing nonprofit supporters simple and practical ways to give that are affordable and available to most donors.

Signing up for FNF is very easy and the nonprofit organization is able to populate and put in place the e-newsletter through this simple sign up process.  Once the nonprofit has joined the network, they are encouraged to solicit membership from its supporting professional advisors.  CLICK HERE for a sample letter to be sent to your potential supporting advisors.

We encourage you to take ACTION and join the Future Needs Funding network.